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Paying off Debt History

February 18th, 2007 at 12:35 am

I was taught as a child to hate debt. My parents are very frugal and I am also. I hate to wate money, I rarely go shopping for fun. I stick to a list when grocery shopping. I buy clothes from thrift shops, I hate to pay full price.

I have just bought a friend her birthday present for $2.61. It is an ebook written by a personal finance blogger and it is designed to be printed out. So I will print it out and present it nicely for her. She is debt-free and is saving money so hopefully it will be helpful for her.

I also did some shopping this morning on grocery items. I spent $19.90 on some fruit, cordial and minced garlic as we had run out of these things.

We get paid on Thursday so hopefully we will be able to get through till then. I want to do my shopping then as there is a special at Aldi for boys underwear that I want to get.

I also have to go to Sydney on Tuesday, I just intend to spend $2.50 on my train fare and that's all. I will take my food and drinks with me.

So spending tally today is $22.51

1 Responses to “Paying off Debt History”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Don't you love Aldi?
    It sounds like the ebook will be a very useful gift for your friend!

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