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Shopping List for next shopping (work in progress)

March 31st, 2007 at 10:54 pm

I thought I would share my shopping list for next fortnight that I wrote out last night. It is a work in progress so this is not a final version.


2 powdered skim milk 4.29*2
jam 1.39
honey 2.99
2 peanut butter 1.89*2
choc eclairs 1.49
noodles (5 pack) 1.09
2 cheese twists 0.89*2
tomato paste 1.19
2 tissues 1.19*2
3 salmon 1.99*3
3 beetroot 0.65*3
8 tomato soup 0.99*8
5 cans of peaches in juice 1.79*5
3 cans of spaghetti 0.79*3
3 cans of baked beans 0.79*3
minced garlic 0.99
3 lemonade 0.69*3
4 cordial 2.19*4
garbage bags 2.49
2 carrots 0.99*2
5kg apples 1.99*5
oranges 3kg 2.99
pears 1kg 3.00
1kg tomatoes 2.49
bananas about $4 worth at 1.99 kg
packet of snow peas 2.50
4 red capsicum 2.89
half pumpkin 2.50
brushed potato 4kg 3.99
grapes 3.00
2kg chicken breast 19.00
4 cheese 500g 2.99*4
3 margarine olive oil spread 1.99*3
baby peas 1.49
fish fingers 1.99
12 party meat pies 3.19
4 white bread 0.99 * 4
2 soy and linseed bread 1.99*3
3 eggs 1.99*3


shapes multipak 4.74
3 vitsweat 2.58*3
6 evaporated light milk 1.99*6
2 frozen onions 2.29*2
beef stock 2.49
ground coriander 2.50
cumin 2.50
pickles 1.55
pecks paste 1.62
fresh fish $10 worth

Coles should cost about $50
Aldi $166

We also have to get 3 prescriptions which will cost $14.70 and we will get $125 cash out. All up $355. I will improve on the shopping list as the fortnight goes by, we might not need as many tomato soup or other things!

Menu plans

March 31st, 2007 at 10:39 pm

School Snacks: DS has 1 vegemite sandwich and 1 peanut butter sandwich for lunch. And he has a packet of chips and a packet of shapes or tiny teddies for recess. He won't have fruit because he doesn't like it when its warm and it just comes home again. So I get the 20 pack of chips from Aldi for $3.99 and that will last about 5 weeks. He has 3 sandwiches on a Monday only because that's the day he gets his pocket money and he buys rubbish from the canteen. I used to just give him sandwiches but his schoolfriends gave him chips and snacks anyway so I gave in.

My menu plan is not really set out. My son is very fussy and will only eat a limited amount of stuff and I cook my own meals so I cook twice. Mum cooks for herself and Dad and sometimes I share in their meals. So I guess my menu plan would not really be suited to anyone else's family as sometimes it works out that we are cooking 4 meals on the one night. My Mum will cook my Dad a meal which she doesn't want to have so she has something separate. And the only meal that I can share with my son is spag bol.

Here are some of the meals that my Mum cooks:

Nasi Goring (you can google the recipe). It is spicy but yum! We use pecks paste for the shrimp paste.

Beef casserole with gravy beef. Just cut up beef, flour, then cut up potato, carrot and any other veggies and cover with beef stock in a casserole dish, cover and cook for 2-3 hours at 180 degrees. Its yum!

T-bone with veg

Mongolian beef and rice

rissoles and veg

homemade hamburgers with lettuce, beetroot, cheese, egg and tomato.

porcupine casserole, this is meatballs with cooked rice added with tomato soup and canned diced tomatoes, tomato paste and oregano.

chicken strogonoff and rice (with light evaporated milk)

chicken curry and rice (the curry has cabbage, grated carrot, capsicum and onion added)

battered fish (from Aldi) and veg

fresh fish in foil and veg

salmon patties and veg

I have some of the same meals and I have a lot of stir fries, I usually make the recipe up as I go along!

Went shopping yesterday

March 31st, 2007 at 01:16 pm

I went shopping yesterday. I only spent $185 dollars on groceries and that should do us for the fortnight.

The next credit card bill is looking good, there is only about $160 on it at the moment and hopefully it will stay that way. I have given my credit card to Mum so I don't use it for stupid stuff like takeaway food which I have been known to do. I still have a access to money but I don't tend to spend cash in the account.

We paid our council rates and insurance in full last year but we are going to pay quarterly for the rates and monthly for the insurance starting in August this year. The rates will be about $200 a quarter and tha insurance would be about $80 a month. I will know exact figures for the rates about June this year and the insurance in late July/early August.

Also I will be getting a $959.95 lump sum payment in July this year that will be going straight off the mortgage. I should find one of those lump sum calculators on the net to find out how much interest I would be saving by doing this.

I am going on an easter picnic today! We will spend a couple of dollars getting hot chips for my son and an ice cream probably! I am taking my own food and drinks. We should have a good time!

Doctor's Visit

March 28th, 2007 at 10:25 pm

I went to the doctor today and asked him for a referral to a psychologist but it turns out I need a half hour appointment with him to do a care plan if I want to do that. So I have booked it in for Wednesday next week. I will just have to duck into my diet group, get weighed, then go straight to the appointment.

I went to the doctor with mum so bus fares cost $5. We also bought a bag of oranges at Aldi and they cost $3.

I am going to a major shopping centre tomorrow, about a 45 minute bus trip away. I have to get 2 batteries for the cordless phone as the old ones have worn out. The phone has 2 handsets and the new batteries cost $33 each! I can't get any cheaper ones as the $33 dollar ones are the generic ones. I also have to buy 3 tracksuits for my son but my mum will pay for those with her pocket money. I will also buy a draft stopper for the door but that should only cost 2 or 3 dollars.

To pay for the batteries, I am withdrawing $70 from the mortgage offset account, and I already have the money for the tracksuits and draft stopper. The bus fare will only cost $2.50.

So an expensive time tomorrow!

Spending Crafty Day

March 26th, 2007 at 08:57 pm

Well, We went to craft today and did some shopping which we put on the credit card. We spent $25.40 at Coles on 500 grams of Nescafe Coffee which was on special, a replacement light bulb for my bathroom which cost $4.69, a 5 pack of quikease for my Dad and a 5 pack of lifesavers which my Dad wanted. We also spent $12.05 cash at Aldi on a easter egg which Dad and I shared, grapes, bananas, tomatoes and pears.

Yesterday, I gave my son his $4 pocket moeny and also spent $3 on him at the fruit shop and told him not to ask me if I had any more money this week when he got off the bus!

And that's the spending up to date!

Election Day yesterday

March 24th, 2007 at 02:11 pm

My Mum just bought some corn meat and bread rolls yesterday after she went to vote in the NSW election and the day before on Friday was just $2 for my son's kids club. I got a lift with the next door neighbour to go and vote, I was pleased as it's an uphill climb to where I had to go and it was a very hot day yesterday!

Today should be a no spend day as well, it's church today and there is a planning meeting afterwards which I am attending. I am bringing my son's Playstation to church so he doesn't get bored during the meeting.

Oh yes and I earned a $20 Coles gift card doing surveys for AC Neilson. I should receive that in the next couple of weeks.



Toothaches and free fillings

March 21st, 2007 at 11:11 pm

My son had toothace so I booked him into the free school dentist and he needed 2 fillings! He was a brave boy and did exactly what he was told, I was so proud of him! The dentist was a lady, she was brilliant with him!

I spent $5.50 on a treat for him and a diet chocolate bar for me. The bus fares cost $8.30.

Also today was payday and I left $88.62 in my account for the school fees which will be taken out tomorrow by direct debit, Plus I left $20 in there as well for emergencies in case any of us get caught short of cash when we are out. And the $450 minimum payment comes out as well. The rest, over $1100 went to the offset account.

Everything is going well, the credit card is due by the 12 April and I will pay that on the 5th April. The amount that is due is about $789. We had an expensive month last month. Here's to a better month in April!

Cost of all you can eat

March 21st, 2007 at 02:26 am

Went to a buffet restaurant today and it cost $13.50. I also spent $2.20 on a drink and contributed $5 to the petrol. Before I went there I spent $4 on cereal at Aldi that we needed and it cost $1.40 in the bus to get to town.

Tomorrow, I have to take my son to the government dentist which is free. I managed to get him an appointment because it is free. The bus fares will cost $2.50 for me and about $6 for my son.

I have a personal issue financially that I can't do anything about until the 10 April and it is really worrying me, I don't owe anyone any money or anything, or anything really bad, its just that my life as I know it is under threat and it won't be resolved for a couple of months until I know the outcome. It is making me nervous and is affecting me rather badly. It is not doing my stress levels any good...and stress is what makes my disability play up! I hope everything turns out ok...

Hi! I'm back

March 19th, 2007 at 02:51 pm

I've been looking at some blogs on the saving advice site and I really love this community on here. It is such a supportive community and I miss that on my other blog I started! So I think I will post here occasionally as well.

We haven't done that well with the mortgage lately. I had to buy my son his school uniform as what he had didn't have a logo on it and he got into trouble for not having the correct uniform. So there went $355. Plus I spent $55 on 2 pairs of shoes, sports joggers and school shoes. The school shoes turned out a bit big for him so he will have to grow into them. So I have a size 2 now and plus I have a size 3 pair I already had. So the mortgage is only down about $500 for the month...

Anyway, next month should be a better month! I am hoping not to get the credit card up too high this month. I want to keep it to maximum $300 a month. that way we can pay off the variable loan by November this year, then start throwing money to the fixed loan. We can pay $10,000 extra to the fixed loan a year and we haven't put any to it yet because the variable loan has a higher interest rate.

Thats all for now!