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Shopping Day

June 7th, 2007 at 05:16 am

Total spent on groceries today was $200.86 and we got $70 cash out. We also bought a strawberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Shop for $10. The cake was half price and there was nothing wrong with it!

I worked out something weird today. We have spent money on a new computer and bought a hindquarter of beef but we are still on schedule with the mortgage! After the interest on the mortgage is posted on the 8th June, I aimed to get the mortgage to 106 653 and I estimate the mortgage will be 106 603. So we are $50 ahead! I don't understand how that can happen!

This has eased my mind a lot! I hate being behind on my self imposed schedule...

My Life

June 6th, 2007 at 01:05 am

The reason I called my blog, Low Income Lady is because my personal income is low. I receive 756.02 a fortnight. However I live with my parents and we share expenses so my costs are lower. Our combined income is 1737.62 a fortnight.

We are basically frugal people, we try and keep our grocery bill down. We don't have coupons here in Australia like in America. The 2 major supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths are getting more expensive by the week. Luckily I have access to an Aldi, so I can keep my grocery bill pretty low. We spend about $115 to $120 a week on food plus about $20 a week on red meat. We buy a hindquarter of beef every 3 months or so. Sometimes I can reduce this amount if we don't need as much!

Our electricity bill is about $180 a quarter. In winter this is about $230 for the quarter.

Our water bill is about $70 every 3 months.

Our council rates bill is about $175 a quarter. I predict it will go up to about $200 a quarter. We will start to pay that in August this year. We paid our rates bill in full last year so we haven't been worried by a bill for the rates this year.

Our insurance bill we paid for the year in full also. We recently raised our excess to $1000 as we figure if something major happens, $1000 will be not much to pay to replace a house. The insurance bill was $746 for the year till August this year and we will be getting an $85 refund because we raised the excess. Next time we renew it should be about $511 for the year. We will pay that by the month so that will be under $45 a month.

We don't drink alcohol, smoke, we don't go out much. Occasionally we will get home delivered chinese takeaway. It is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary this month. We already bought her a ruby ring in December last year because we had a $20 off coupon and we will get the chinese meal on the day.

I go to craft and a local weight reduction group. Craft costs us nothing, not even transport because we get picked up and we take our own food. The weight reduction group costs $1 a week plus $2.50 transport.

The rest of the time I spend trying to live with little stress. I have a disability that is triggered by stress and that prevents me working, which is why I am on a low income.