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Credit card bill came today

February 20th, 2007 at 09:16 pm

The credit card bill came today for $377.01 and the due date is not till the 15 March which means I can pay it on the 8 March, not tomorrow which means I can make the $900 mortgage payment plus put some into savings. I should be able to save about $290 depending how much the shopping is tomorrow. We have just started to eat healthy and the food bill has gone up as a result. Eating healthy is $$$. But it's worth it and we can still make double repayments on the mortgage.

Plus I will have about $51 in my savings account from selling stuff on Oztion which is an Australian site, like ebay except it has no listing fees, just a 3.25% final value fee.

So I should have about $341 by this Friday in my saving account.

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