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Hi! I'm back

March 19th, 2007 at 02:51 pm

I've been looking at some blogs on the saving advice site and I really love this community on here. It is such a supportive community and I miss that on my other blog I started! So I think I will post here occasionally as well.

We haven't done that well with the mortgage lately. I had to buy my son his school uniform as what he had didn't have a logo on it and he got into trouble for not having the correct uniform. So there went $355. Plus I spent $55 on 2 pairs of shoes, sports joggers and school shoes. The school shoes turned out a bit big for him so he will have to grow into them. So I have a size 2 now and plus I have a size 3 pair I already had. So the mortgage is only down about $500 for the month...

Anyway, next month should be a better month! I am hoping not to get the credit card up too high this month. I want to keep it to maximum $300 a month. that way we can pay off the variable loan by November this year, then start throwing money to the fixed loan. We can pay $10,000 extra to the fixed loan a year and we haven't put any to it yet because the variable loan has a higher interest rate.

Thats all for now!

4 Responses to “Hi! I'm back”

  1. shadon Says:

    Glad to see you back! Smile
    What part of NSW are you from? I live in Western Sydney.

  2. lowincomelady Says:

    Hi Shadon, I used to live in of all places, Cabramatta. We moved down to the Illawarra near Wollongong about 5 years ago. I love the lifestyle down here, the beach is nearby and I can see the escarpment from my back window, its beautiful!



  3. katwoman Says:

    Good lord! $355 for a school uniform? At those prices I would have solicited other mothers for their kids' cast-offs and cut out the logo to stitch on the clothes myself!

  4. lowincomelady Says:

    Th reason the uniform was so expensive is because I had to buy virtually the whole thing, sports uniform - winter and summer and his normal uniform, winter and summer. Plus the requirement for the logo is brand new so there is no secondhand stuff I can get from the clothing pool. Plus the logo is sown in by machine. I am getting a substantial discount on the fees so I guess the uniform is a cost I have to bear!

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