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Toothaches and free fillings

March 21st, 2007 at 11:11 pm

My son had toothace so I booked him into the free school dentist and he needed 2 fillings! He was a brave boy and did exactly what he was told, I was so proud of him! The dentist was a lady, she was brilliant with him!

I spent $5.50 on a treat for him and a diet chocolate bar for me. The bus fares cost $8.30.

Also today was payday and I left $88.62 in my account for the school fees which will be taken out tomorrow by direct debit, Plus I left $20 in there as well for emergencies in case any of us get caught short of cash when we are out. And the $450 minimum payment comes out as well. The rest, over $1100 went to the offset account.

Everything is going well, the credit card is due by the 12 April and I will pay that on the 5th April. The amount that is due is about $789. We had an expensive month last month. Here's to a better month in April!

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