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Election Day yesterday

March 24th, 2007 at 02:11 pm

My Mum just bought some corn meat and bread rolls yesterday after she went to vote in the NSW election and the day before on Friday was just $2 for my son's kids club. I got a lift with the next door neighbour to go and vote, I was pleased as it's an uphill climb to where I had to go and it was a very hot day yesterday!

Today should be a no spend day as well, it's church today and there is a planning meeting afterwards which I am attending. I am bringing my son's Playstation to church so he doesn't get bored during the meeting.

Oh yes and I earned a $20 Coles gift card doing surveys for AC Neilson. I should receive that in the next couple of weeks.



7 Responses to “Election Day yesterday”

  1. Amber Says:

    $20 gift card is nice

  2. shadon Says:

    Hmmm, I'm reading one of Anita Bell's books that I borrowed from the library last night. One of the Case Studies in the book sounds uncannily like your situation. Are my suspicions correct? Smile

  3. lowincomelady Says:

    Yes thats me!! Good on ya for picking that up! LOL I did that interview for the case study with Anita in early 2004 and the book came out in August 2004 and we paid off that first mortgage in November 2004. Then last year we built an extension to the house and we are hoping to pay it off by the end of 2011 using Anita's strategies and plenty of experience in the mortgage payoff game!!

    That's the first time anyone has made the connection without me telling them about it!

  4. shadon Says:

    Congrats on paying off the mortgage! Smile Can't wait to see ours gone but will still be a few years away yet! Frown
    P.S. I've "seen" you over at Essential Baby as well. My screen name there is the same as here. I generally hang out on the Managing Money board.

  5. lowincomelady Says:

    Yes I frequent the essential baby forum, I'm canneram30 there. I also am a member of www.simplesavings.com.au which is a paid website. I think its $47 to join and $17 a year to renew. They have over 9000 saving money tips but the reason I use the site every day is for the very active forum which I love... I don't post very often but I lurk quite a bit. The essential baby forum I hardly post at all and only read every once in a while as it's not as active as the simplesavings one.

    I used to have a blog called Weight Money Life which I kept from December 2005 to January 2007 but I had to close it down because there was someone who I didn't want to read it and they knew the address and so I started up 2 blogs: http://foodobsession.wordpress.com and this one...I also have http://lowincomelady.blogspot.com but I use the same posts as here.

    Things are going along ok at the moment! I have a medical review of my pension pending at the moment which I am quite worried about. I have a chronic disability so I don't know why I am worried, its just that I have heard some horror stories! I have to go visit my doctor who is a specialist to fill out the treating doctor report. He is in Granville so I have a 5 hour round trip to make soon!

  6. shadon Says:

    I used to be a member of the SS website too, but never visited much so let my membership lapse this year for the first time in years.

    I finished "Your Success" yesterday and started "Your Money" last night (also borrowed from library, I mention that because I am a recovering bookaholic so I am very proud of myself for borrowing rather than buying them LOL).

    I read in the "Your success" book that you really cut back your grocery budget to help with paying extra on the mortgage. Do you still do that and, if so, would you mind sharing with me your grocery budget now for your household?

    I have to confess that I was rather nosy and read all your lowincomelady.blogspot.com posts and posts from EB too. Smile I was just really impressed by how well you have done/are doing with your mortgage Smile It is starting to become my obsession too although at the moment the amount owing seems insurmountable Frown I'm really looking forward to getting rid of the dreaded other debt we have. Bring on tax time, that will help us out A LOT!

    Good luck with your doctor's appointment. I hope it goes the way that you want. Smile

  7. lowincomelady Says:

    Our grocery budget: we spend between 100-110 a week for 3 adults and a 7 year old. That doesn't include red meat, we buy a yearling hindquarter for about $300 every 4 months or so. That works out to be about another $20 a week. We are pretty boring with what we eat, we eat the same things week in and week out, we have a list of meals on the fridge and I buy the ingredients for them every fortnight. We don't cut back as much as we did towards the end of the last mortgage but we still watch the grocery budget very carefully. If you cut back too much, you end up risking your health and we don't want to do that. But we don't buy a lot of junk food either and I try and find the best deals when shopping. Shopping at Aldi has helped enormously! Like Nescafe Coffee is on special at Coles this week so we bought that. And Aldi prices are always the same week in and week out and rarely change, I wish I could do all my shopping there but they don't have certain things.

    If you want to be really nosy LOL, you can go to http://www.networthiq.com/people/canneram

    That shows what my families networth has been since July last year!

    Yes, your mortgage is way higher than mine! They seem such a big obstacle, I can't wait to get rid of mine!

    Well, I better make tracks, its my diet group today and I have put on weight this week so its not going to be fun LOL

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