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Spending Crafty Day

March 26th, 2007 at 08:57 pm

Well, We went to craft today and did some shopping which we put on the credit card. We spent $25.40 at Coles on 500 grams of Nescafe Coffee which was on special, a replacement light bulb for my bathroom which cost $4.69, a 5 pack of quikease for my Dad and a 5 pack of lifesavers which my Dad wanted. We also spent $12.05 cash at Aldi on a easter egg which Dad and I shared, grapes, bananas, tomatoes and pears.

Yesterday, I gave my son his $4 pocket moeny and also spent $3 on him at the fruit shop and told him not to ask me if I had any more money this week when he got off the bus!

And that's the spending up to date!

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