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Went to diet group

April 10th, 2007 at 07:59 pm

I went to town today and spent $6.92 at Aldi on cheese, minced garlic, bread and peanut butter. Also got some more DVD's from Video Ezy. I posted a couple of letters and also went to my diet group where I put on weight so I spent $9.50 there.

I went to Sydney yesterday and spent $9.40 on my son's train ticket and also $9 for the taxi to get to the station, $1.40 for my son's bus ticket home and $2.50 for my train and bus ticket. Other than transport I spent $2.70 on a coke and ice cream for my son at Hungry Jack's when we got to Central. We took our own food and drink with us so the coke and ice cream was just a treat.

We go shopping next Saturday and it looks like it will cost $233 for the groceries, give or take a few dollars.

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