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Went to town and worked out

April 22nd, 2007 at 05:44 pm

I went to town today and got my last DVD's from Video Ezy. The contract ends tomorrow so I will have to hand in my card and get an ordinary one. I had a lot of trouble finding movies today that I liked so I guess its a good thing that I can't get anymore now!

I caught a bus there and back today, I just didn't feel like walking. I went to Curves and when I finished the workout and was changing my clothes, I couldn't find my watch! So when I went home, there it was in my bag sitting in the one place I didn't check when I was frantically searching for it!

I went to Aldi and bought a bag of tomatoes for $3. It's pocket money day for my son so he got $4.

I also sold a book for $4.95.

Total spending for today is $9.50

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