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Shopping List and Curves

May 6th, 2007 at 08:35 pm

Well, I have worked out a shopping list and the total comes to $302, thats $157 for groceries and $145 for cash out.

I went to Curves today and also had an eye exam afterwards. I am getting distance glasses that will also double as computer glasses. She was pleased with how my eyes were, even though I can't see very well out of my right eye, I still managed to read the bottom line of the eye chart with it. She said I compensate well for it and that that was unusual for people who have had it since childhood. When a child is longsighted, they tend to get lazy and take the easy way out but I haven't done that, my eyes work well even though my right eye is fuzzy. I have read a lot as a child and an adult, I am very well read. I do most of my reading on the internet, hence the need for computer glasses. I already have reading ones but I don't use them often as I don't read actual books very often.

I also went to Aldi and spent about $15 getting fruit and bread... it was very heavy to carry home. My weigh-in and measurements are due on the 19 May at Curves. I hope I have done well, I know my weight has gone down, I hope I have lost lots of centimetres too!

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