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Spent $2.70 today

May 10th, 2007 at 05:44 am

I spent $2 on some lollies for my son this afternoon and also 70 cents on a banana this morning.

It is shopping day on Saturday. I estimate the shopping will cost $216. We need to get $156 dollars out in cash as well so altogether we will be getting $372 out of the mortgage.

I cancelled my Curves Gym membership yesterday. A $69 payment will come out on the 19 May and I can workout there until the 19 June. Circuit training doesn't seem to do me any good, I feel I get a better workout from a walk which is free! Well I will take advantage of the gym access until June anyway. I needed to try it out and see if it was for me. Just one of those things!

Wehn I get my pocket money back, I think I will start trawling the op shops and list the things I buy on Oztion, I really enjoy doing that. I will walk to town and do that. When I did a lot of walking a couple of years ago, my muscles firmed up and I felt great. Now the weather is getting cooler I might getinto the walking again.

God is wonderful, I won't need to buy any warm clothes for the winter as I have been given a lot of warm stuff and I have found odds and ends lurking in my cupboards. I have found a couple of beautiful jumpers that look really smart. I might go and buy a couple of pairs of jeans though. I have a couple and one is getting baggy and the other I don't like very much, it doesn't feel quite right!

Wow, I have had over 4000 hits on this blog! I love how there is a community feel to this blog...

I bought my son some new school shoes and they are rubbing so I will have to buy some cheap bandaids for next week until his feet get used to them.

I will be getting some glasses for use with the computer in 2-3 weeks. I chose some with rectangular frames, they look cool!

Well, I better think about going to bed, it is 10.43pm at the moment. I don't feel tired but I better make the efoort and try and get some sleep!

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