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No Spend Day

May 18th, 2007 at 09:48 pm

I slept in so I couldn't get the papers. They are sold out by mid morning from the local shop. I went to the library yesterday so I have plenty of reading material!

I have made a cake and a chicken casserole with cheesy dumplings and now I am watching 'The Dish'. My son is being picked up from here soon to go on a sleep over at a friend's place.

So we haven't spent anything today, I have kept to my menu plan. I don't feel hungry and I am relaxing surfing the web!

4 Responses to “No Spend Day”

  1. Amber Says:

    Sounds like a nice relaxing day

  2. shadon Says:

    What are you reading? I just finished "One Unknown" by Gill Hicks. She is an Australian who survived the London Underground Terrorist bombing in 2005. Very strong and inspirational story. DH bought it for me for Mother's Day Smile
    Now I need something new before the next Harry Potter comes out. Any recommendations?

  3. lowincomelady Says:

    What I am reading probably wouldn't interest you! I have an interest in Queen Victoria so I have just finished reading 'Last Days of Glory - the death of Queen Victoria' Quite fascinating - to me anyway! I also got a personal finance book called Kochie's guide to keeping it real by David Koch. Also a couple of other personal finance books but I don't think they will be as good as Koch's book. I also got a DVD - Porridge Christmas episodes. I love that show! I absolutely love the old British comedies!

  4. shadon Says:

    I borrowed that Kochie book you mentioned when I did my weekly Monday night library visit. I was actually surprised to see it on the shelf so I grabbed it. Finished it last night. He didn't really talk about much I didn't already know from years of readung PF books but I liked his writing style and his humour. Was almost like a relationship counselling book too.

    I also borrowed "The Grip of Death - A Study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics". Title sounds scary, but I'm okay following it so far, I struggle to get my head around economics but I just skip the hard bits LOL. I'm learning quite a bit though!

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