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My new glasses! and other stuff

May 20th, 2007 at 10:26 pm

I got a call that my glasses are ready to be picked up so I will go tomorrow and get them. I would also like to buy sunglass shades to go over them too so I will see what they have!

We have just ordered a hindquarter of beef. The last time we ordered a hindquarter was on 30 January and it cost about $300 so I guess it has cost us about $20 a week for meat. We also spend about $10 a week on chicken so our meat bill is $30 a week. We are big meat eaters around here!

Well I have to go soon, I am going to buy some veggies and a packet of chips with those footy tazos in it for my son. the veggie prices are quite reasoable from the local shop, cheaper than the supermarket but you have to watch the quality.

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