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CSIRO Total Well Being Diet Costs

May 22nd, 2007 at 04:36 pm

When I figured out the grocery budget it came to $185 for this Saturday's shopping but now it is $230 because I am going on the CSIRO Diet. That's not too bad!

Oh and I lost 1.7 kilos this week so I now weigh 110 kilos exactly! If I only I could have lost another 100 grams and I could have seen 109.9. Oh well maybe tomorrow!

Oh and my Dad's laptop has been playing up so he has bought a new computer, well its refurbished, not new but it will be fine. We bought it from www.bargainseeker.com.au I bought my computer from there, plus my friend bought it from there too and we are quite happy!

2 Responses to “CSIRO Total Well Being Diet Costs”

  1. shadon Says:

    A big congrats on the weight loss! DH is struggling himself to lose over 30 kilos, he was going okay but he has been a bit naughty lately.

    What is it about the CSIRO diet that costs? Are you required to buy a lot of fresh produce or ingredients that you normally wouldn't? I'm interested to know your thoughts on it as I've never really looked into it. DH has done Tony Ferguson on and off for a couple of years but the Low Carbing is just so hard on the budget. Carbs are cheap! He's also tried Low Fat/Xenical approach. Pricey and not really working. He's just gone back to the good old fashioned "consume less/exercise more" diet. Smile

  2. lowincomelady Says:

    Well the meat is a big factor but we get that for 5.99 a kilo so thats not too bad. You have to have 200 grams of meat for dinner and 100 grams at lunch. Plus you have to have yoghurt or custard 200g every day. I am getting the aldi sumore low fat yoghurt 12 pak and having 2 of them at a time plus a 1 litre low fat custard and that should do me for the fortnight! I have worked out my menu plan. Each recipe serves 4 so each dinner meal will last me 4 nights so I am doing 4 recipes with a couple of leftover meals at the end. You just have to adjust the meal plan to your individual needs. I have most of the spices I need already, just have to buy basil as we have run out. I am not following the diet as suggested as I am a fairly fussy eater, I have just adjusted it to my taste and the meal plans are just suggestions to give you an idea how it works and you take it from there! The recipes look yummy! The diet is not big on snacks, it suggests tea or coffee or 250ml veg soup. So that will be an adjustment for me! But it says the meals are very filling. Also you would have to adjust the amounts you use for your hubby as there are 4 different levels of the diet level 1 or 2 is good for women and level 3 and 4 are good for men. It explains it in the book. It does say the diet is not for everyone so I will see how I go!

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