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My Life

June 6th, 2007 at 01:05 am

The reason I called my blog, Low Income Lady is because my personal income is low. I receive 756.02 a fortnight. However I live with my parents and we share expenses so my costs are lower. Our combined income is 1737.62 a fortnight.

We are basically frugal people, we try and keep our grocery bill down. We don't have coupons here in Australia like in America. The 2 major supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths are getting more expensive by the week. Luckily I have access to an Aldi, so I can keep my grocery bill pretty low. We spend about $115 to $120 a week on food plus about $20 a week on red meat. We buy a hindquarter of beef every 3 months or so. Sometimes I can reduce this amount if we don't need as much!

Our electricity bill is about $180 a quarter. In winter this is about $230 for the quarter.

Our water bill is about $70 every 3 months.

Our council rates bill is about $175 a quarter. I predict it will go up to about $200 a quarter. We will start to pay that in August this year. We paid our rates bill in full last year so we haven't been worried by a bill for the rates this year.

Our insurance bill we paid for the year in full also. We recently raised our excess to $1000 as we figure if something major happens, $1000 will be not much to pay to replace a house. The insurance bill was $746 for the year till August this year and we will be getting an $85 refund because we raised the excess. Next time we renew it should be about $511 for the year. We will pay that by the month so that will be under $45 a month.

We don't drink alcohol, smoke, we don't go out much. Occasionally we will get home delivered chinese takeaway. It is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary this month. We already bought her a ruby ring in December last year because we had a $20 off coupon and we will get the chinese meal on the day.

I go to craft and a local weight reduction group. Craft costs us nothing, not even transport because we get picked up and we take our own food. The weight reduction group costs $1 a week plus $2.50 transport.

The rest of the time I spend trying to live with little stress. I have a disability that is triggered by stress and that prevents me working, which is why I am on a low income.

3 Responses to “My Life”

  1. shadon Says:

    I'm going to look at raising our excess on our home and contents. What company are you with, Cheryl? We are with NRMA and get the discount for having home, contents and DH's car with them. I just dug out our last renewal and it was $754 for $347xxx building and $127xxx contents.

    I didn't think you could up the excess through the year. Did you just call up your insurance company and get them to change it?

  2. lowincomelady Says:

    The insurance we are with wouldn't be an option for you, I don't think. We are with Australian Pensioner's Insurance Agency and you have to be over 50. My parents are in their 60s so we qualify for it. Only one person on the policy has to be over 50. They are pretty flexible! Yes we just called them up and they issued a refund cheque. I didn't know about the option till recently. We never claim so we might as well save the money. If the house burns down, we will have access to $1000. The renewal of $511 covers the house for $340k and 70k contents. I think maybe I should up the contents a bit.

  3. shadon Says:

    I called NRMA yesterday (are running figures through the online quote system and working out that upping our excess to $1000 would save us just over $100) and she told me I couldn't do it until renewal time in November. Frown
    In 15 years of house ownership I've never made a claim either.

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