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Two weeks by myself

October 7th, 2009 at 04:48 am

I have a couple of weeks to myself these school holidays as my DS is going to vacation care and being looked after by a relative. It's a nice break and a chance to get used to being by myself. There is a chance that my DS will be going overseas to visit family for a few months and I won't be able to go due to my disability, so I am trying to get used to being by myself. Last school holidays the same thing happened and I found it very difficult and I was very lonely...but this time is much easier...

The mortgage is down to 108 697.64, I might be able to put $10 or so on it tomorrow. Next week I will be able to put about $650 extra to the mortgage as well as our regular payment of $510. Oh and interest rates went up yesterday unexpectedly by 0.25%. This will bring our interest rate up from 5.23% to 5.48%. It will be the first of many interest rate increases. It is good we have paid so much extra to the mortgage!

I did some figuring and we should be under 100 000 by February 2010 and we will be between 75 000 and 80 000 by the end of 2010. We should have this thing paid off by the end of 2013, hopefully by July. There are always unexpected expenses though...we have been having a little too much takeaway lately so we will cut back on that for a while...

4 Responses to “Two weeks by myself”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    What are you planning to do to keep busy while he's gone?

    Very nice going on that mortgage pay-down HIGHIncomeLady! Big Grin It works, we just paid ours off!

  2. lowincomelady Says:

    I'm just doing my normal things, cross stitch, reading blogs and surfing the internet. I can't go to my craft group because its not on in the school holidays so I might go to church on Sunday. And I am shopping tomorrow... Congrats on your mortgage freedom! It must feel fantastic!

  3. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    cool, enjoy your time without kids. tho you still have your parents with you at home so you won't be lonely at least.

    I will be starting back at work again soon after a couple of months on unpaid sick leave. I am going to find it a struggle. I wil have to be more organised with the housework and with meals in the freezer etc.

    have been just struggling to do the usual chores lately without being tired.

  4. Jerry Says:

    You show a lot of dedication to keep putting that money into your mortgage, and that will lead to progress even if the percentage goes up a little. When we were able to finally ditch mortgage insurance we kept putting that little amount in anyway, just to keep making progress. Great job! Enjoy the peace and quiet for a couple of weeks...

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