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School holidays have ended

October 18th, 2009 at 03:07 pm

Well, the school holidays are finished and DS is back at school. He now has the Bumblebee transformer and he has taken that with him to school...

I bought a few things a couple of days ago:

1) toner for my laser printer - apparently I only have 28 pages left of toner so I better get a new one...

2) preordered transformers 2 DVD - I promised my son I would buy this...

3) 40 DMC floss for my cross stitch. I worked out how many extra I would need for my cross stitch as I restarted it on different fabric. I need 18 black threads! That's 144 metres!

4) Renew money magazine...I did this and got 13 magazines for the price of 11...I really enjoy this magazine...

5) Edward VII biography - I really enjoy reading about royalty and I found this book for $13 instead of $22 so I grabbed it...

6) I have also bought DS's Christmas presents, about 7 PS2 games plus I still have to buy a plastic ship model that he can build...

Hopefully that's it for now! On the 2nd November I will buy the 2009 stamp collection for Dad from the Post Office - that's about 80-90 dollars...plus I will buy him a couple of books...and I'm not sure what Mum wants...we will see...

2 Responses to “School holidays have ended”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I love getting good books on sale! If it leads to a couple of good days worth of reading on the couch, then by golly, it's worth the 13 bucks. I like to think of good books as insurance against a rainy day... or at least a boring rainy day! Enjoy...

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